Our story: nearly 70 years of thirst for innovation.

Here are some key dates, important moments which saw our organization turn into an excellence driven company. 
1946 Promimet was established in Malgrate (LC). 
1960 Establishment of Elettromeccanica Stelvio in Delebio, Valtellina.
1984 Establishment of Kontek.
1992 Establishment of Sime in Hungary; second manufacturing unit for high runners components.
1995 Merger of Promimet and E. Stelvio: establishment of Stelvio S.p.A. ISO9001 Certification is achieved this year.
1999 Head office and main production unit are moved to brand new premises in Oggiono (LC); 14000 square meters dedicated to high tech manufacturing of electromechanical components. 
2000 ISO14001 Certification is completed. 
2012 Romanian plant is ISO9001 certified.
2009 Merger of Stelvio S.p.A. with Kontek Comatel. Stelvio Kontek comes to reality. The fourth major European manufacturer in Connectivity Solutions is born.
2009 Establishment of STM Romania; our third dedicated production unit.
2011 Support to the United Nation Global Compact is formalized and officialised.
2014 Stelvio Kontek becomes part of the Würth Elektronik eiSos Group.

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